Hot pepper Jam

Home made jam!?What!?I cant make hommade jam!?or can i?When we first found out we’d be makeing jelly’s and jam’s in class i figured it would be a horrible complicated prosess,i was so wrong,it’s really easy and fun!Also if you are like me and dont reaqlly care for alot of spice,add alot more bell peppers.I loved our recipe but canning jam could be complicated without the right equitment,so if you’d like to know how to make pepper jam without canning,i suggest going to this blog:

Recipe ingrediance:

  1. 4 cups of minced or finly chopped peppers (red bell-green bell -and jalapeno)
  2. 1 cup apple cider vinagar
  3. 1 pkage powdered pectin
  4. 5 cups white sugar (granulated not powdered!!)

you’l allso need 4-6 8oz jelly jars.

directions:¬† make sure you’r jars are your water bath in a large deep pot is at a rolling boil* (enugh water to cover

  1. over midium high heat in a large sauce pan bring the minced/finely chooped pepper’sand apple cider vinagar to a rolling boil,take off stove or turn it down to midium heat and add in sugar,return to a rolling boil,¬†make sure sugar is disolved!.stir occationaly.
  2. add in the pectin once the sugar has disolved and wait untill it has cooked in,
  3. with a funnle in the jell jars use a ladle to fill the jars with the jam,leaveing 1/4 at the top without jelly,seal on lids and rings
  4. use jar tongs to place jars 1 centimeter away from eachother in the rolling water bath and make sure water completly go’s over the jars (about 2-4in) leave in for 5 min.
  5. .take jars out with toung’s and let cool completly,id say over night just to make sure! when the jars are completly closed the bubble at the top of the jar will be poped in.useing other types of jars is un-sape and will not presurve your jam.

i really like this jam,how ever im not a fan of spicey,i love this jam on wheat crakors or tosted souer dough bred with a little bit of chream cheese too.I’d also like to share with you that jam is not jelly,jelly is generaly made from juice and doesint have chunk’s of food,unlike jam witch is also clear but normaly has bit’s of fruit,veggie’s or some food.picture’s found on google image’s.


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